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Re: Fedora 12 Translation Team Schedule

* For Release Notes & Website localization
- as Dimtris said "beta release notes" at some places for better clarity
- and we need HTMLs built automatically and should be available from some staging url where we can review the localization. (however, this may not be part of the schedule)

Please tell me exactly which task numbers you would like me to change the descriptions on.

If HTML files need to be built for your work they should be on the schedule.
  1) Who builds the HTML files?
  2) When do they need to be built?
  3) Which task (task number) comes after building the files?
--if it is not already on the schedule please tell me the correct description so I can add it.
Ankit and John
Thank you for being eagle eyes!
For Websites, review is scheduled here. Ricky usually takes care of us.
21. Review and correct Websites translations 27-Oct to 02-Nov

For Rel-note, the request has been sent in separate mail.
Once we confirm the detail with docs team, it should go back to John for inclusion.



All are welcome to provide their inputs on the above modifications, so the concluded once can be brought to the fedora schedule meeting...

Regarding the presence of FLP representative in the meeting, I can join in if none of the FLSCo members are able to make it.


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