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Re: Fedora 12 Translation Team Schedule

John Poelstra wrote:
Ankitkumar Rameshchandra Patel said the following on 07/22/2009 11:01 PM Pacific Time:


Thanks John for looking into this, otherwise the suggestions were almost lost in the threads. :)

I refer this schedule: http://poelstra.fedorapeople.org/schedules/f-12/f-12-docs-and-trans-tasks.html in my reply.

* For software localization
- We have got 42 days for translation before package rebuild starts. Is it possible to split this translation task in two phases (Translation - 30 days and Review - 12 days)? If we split it this way and put the package rebuild step between these two tasks, FLP members will get a chance to test and review Fedora packages on their local machine and can provide a better localization during the Review period. So, the concern here is to concentrate on *review* of Fedora software applications. - Another important thing is, we (FLP members) are most of the time clueless whether our translations has got in or not. We get to know only after the package rebuilds, if we find time on thorough testing. So, how about having some automated mechanism to notify FLP team that their translations has been included in the latest package rebuild? This could be done if we setup some automation that can send a notification e-mail to fedora-trans-announce list *at the end of the package rebuild period* that abc, xyz packages has been rebuilt in the period from *start package rebuild* to *end package rebuild*.

Changed.  Let me know if something is wrong.

Well, I was expecting task 19 and 20 to be *repeated* somewhere between task 5 and 11. Basically, I want the package rebuilds to happen before we start to review software translations, then only there is a point in dividing the translation task into Translation and Review.

* For Release Notes & Website localization
- as Dimtris said "beta release notes" at some places for better clarity
- and we need HTMLs built automatically and should be available from some staging url where we can review the localization. (however, this may not be part of the schedule)

Please tell me exactly which task numbers you would like me to change the descriptions on.

If HTML files need to be built for your work they should be on the schedule.
  1) Who builds the HTML files?
  2) When do they need to be built?
  3) Which task (task number) comes after building the files?
--if it is not already on the schedule please tell me the correct description so I can add it.

Actually building of HTML files should happen every hour (or two or four or half a day) automatically through some cronjob. I think Ricky might be able to help us with it. It will not require to be there in the schedule I guess since it's going to be automated cronjob running periodically.

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