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New project -- docbook-locales

Hi all;

I've just set up a new project to fill in some missing translations in the docbook stylesheets. These stylesheets are a set of XML templates used to produce documentation, and are especially important for Fedora docs because our documentation tool (Publican) relies on them. For example, the names of elements like "Chapter", "Appendix", "Example", and "Table" in Publican documents come from docbook.

The project is located here: https://translate.fedoraproject.org/projects/docbook-locales/master/

In some ways, translating these stylesheets should be pretty easy — each po file contains only around 200 words, most of them very common.

However, almost each of these words is in a separate string by itself without any context. In most cases, the lack of context shouldn't be a problem; for example, words like "Book", "Author", or "January" are self-explanatory. Where it looks like context might be a problem, I've included comments in the PO file that should be visible in whatever software you use to do your translations. If anything is still unclear, or you think that I could have explained something better, please ask! I'd be very grateful for your feedback and suggestions.

One further point to be aware of is that the docbook stylesheets often include different versions of a word with different capitalisation. For example, there are separate entries for "warning", "Warning", and "WARNING". If your language distinguishes between upper- and lower-case letters, please pay careful attention to the English capitalisation and follow it as appropriate for your language. Of course, if your language doesn't have different cases for characters, then you can just use the same translation to represent all the differently-capitalised English words.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help out with this! (And thanks to Piotr who took Polish from around 60% to 100% before I even sent out this email!)


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