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Re: Self-Introduction: Mahmoud Jalajel

Hello Mahmoud,

Mahmoud Jalajel wrote:
Hello everyone,

My name is Mahmoud M. Jalajel, I live in Amman, Jordan.


I am really excited to joining this team !!!

Welcome to the Fedora Localization Project. The language team for Arabic is lead by Laith Juwaidah and has its own mailing list too:
fedora-trans-ar at redhat dot com.

Your team coordinator and other members of the Arabic team would be the best guides to help you get started with the translation work.

Additionally, the new translators guide here in FLP is the Translation Quick Start Guide (TQSG) which you can find here:


Besides the above, help is always available via this mailing list and the IRC channel #fedora-l10n. Please feel free to drop by anytime and hope you have a good stay here. :)


blog: http://runab.livejournal.com

mishti or runa_b on Freenode, Gimpnet, Mozilla, LinuxChix

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