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Re: TQSG publicanized


I am interested to join hands in proof reading of TQSG book. I have already applied for the group account at "gittranslation-quick-start-guide"


2009/6/11 Noriko Mizumoto <noriko redhat com>

Great thanks to Rudi, Translation Quick Start Guide book has now been publicanized. Some publican specific strings and contributors section have been added. Till Tx is updated to 6.0, translators need to work on one big PO file. But it should not be long, I hope :-)
Before publishing this guide, it may be good to have some proofreading to catch up any update. So here some roughly plan.
Please post any addition, modification, idea, suggestion, etc.

[Proofreading] roughly due: 19-Jun
* English version will be published for this purpose by Rudi
* Please file a bug (Product: Fedora Documentation, Component: translation-quick-start-guide) for any item which needs attention

[Update] roughly due: 24-Jun
* Please feel free to update/modify en_US/*.xml according to the above filed bug (this can only be done approved users)
* If you like to join TQSG maintenance activity, post in here and apply the group account "gittranslation-quick-start-guide <https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/group/view/gittranslation-quick-start-guide?_csrf_token=f6eb649b1d5914896a68d29faf872e18b6af502f>" to be approved

[Translation] roughly due: 29-Jun
* Translation can be started now, some updates may come up later during the above process
* https://translate.fedoraproject.org/tx/projects/docs-translation-quick/master/

[Publish] roughly due: 1-Jul
* All translated languages to be built and publish


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