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Re: Dutch translation of fedora-web.master-fedoraproject.po doesnt show

On 2009-06-16 03:30:46 PM, Richard van der Luit wrote:
> For some reason the dutch translation of fedora-web.master-fedoraproject
> doesnt show anymore, no languish-option all together (once it did work
> though....)
Hi, before the F11 release, we went through the languages and disabled
all the ones that did not have updated translations.  If any translators
ever submit a translation where the language option is not shown on the
website (it's not in LINGUAS), please don't just update LINGUAS - email
me or webmaster fp o and we'll add it, because we also need to add some
apache configuration at the same time to make things work.  If the
this configuration isn't added, the language option may show up at
fedoraproject.org but fail to work.

I'm adding Dutch to LINGUAS and the configuration right now.


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