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Re: Common Content files for Publican now in Transifex

Ruediger Landmann wrote:
Miloš Komarčević wrote:
Just tried submitting the Serbian translations for the Feedback module
after wrongly submitting to Common Content first instead of Fedora
Brand, but the latter gives me the following error:
Thanks for the alert, Miloš

In the meantime, please email the files directly to me, and I'll check them in manually.

Oops! Sorry Miloš - when I first read your message, I didn't realise that the upload to the Common Content module actually succeeded.

I've moved the files into the Fedora brand module and uploaded sample output here:

I've also updated the "big picture" here:

I'll await input from Dmitris on the problem with uploading to the Fedora brand module – I'm a complete Publican newbie :)

Many thanks for helping out with this!

PS: The sample output shows me that there's some other glitch that's making the "Legal Notice" heading and copyright notice appear in Cyrillic script even then sr-Latn is selected in Publican. I'll find out whether I'm doing something wrong, or whether there's a bug here.

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