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Re: FLP-admin: Minutes from follow-up meeting (24-March-2009)

----- "Ankitkumar Rameshchandra Patel" <ankit redhat com> wrote:
> *** Minutes:-
> o Important points discussed:
> 1. General feedback from translators (which doesn't require any action
> item on anyone)
> 2. Create an FAQ page for filing tickets (owner = Ankit)
> 2.1 Ping Infrastructure to link to this page/custom theme (owner:
> Dimitris)
> 3. Put banners on old DL page (owner: Asgeir)


> 4. Publican/Docs Support
> 4.1 => Check whether James/anyone has time (owner: Asgeir)
> 4.2 Start working on the support (owner: will be decided after 4.1)

There are currently no resources here for Transifex-development. From our meeting, it seems like this is a minor task (a few hours of work Dimitris/Diego mentioned?), so I hope we get a champion for this. The main task here is preparing Transifex for handling multiple files, the Publican side of this task is minor and limited to parsing a single variable from the Makefile (there is code in DL to do this). 


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