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Re: Release-note is long and hard for translating


I'd suggest that release notes should not have more than 100 messages.
I see translating release notes as a long term useless effort, so I
myself write down an announcement in my own language highlighting the
most important changes. Also, when possible, they should try to reuse
existing texts from before, so translating release notes is less

I don't see any benefit for the user in knowing that openjdk was
upgraded to XXX, rarely it will urge him to install Fedora. Relese
notes should focus on real value features for the user, not in
updates, more in a marketing-like style.

I'd suggest to have a minimal and extended release notes, to favour
reluctant teams as mine to translate miminal.


2009/5/6 Noriko Mizumoto <noriko redhat com>:
> Hello L10N Infra team
> As we know, the subject is known issue both in docs team and l10n team.
> There are some decisions made docs team side to improve this issue [1].
> During today's FLP meeting, another idea came up to address this issue
> from l10n team side that is to break the file in small chunks.
> Could you kindly assess the feasibility and the scope of this idea?
> [1]:https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs_decisions_for_F12#What_will_release_notes_look_like
> Thanks
> noriko
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