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Re: Release-note is long and hard for translating

Noriko Mizumoto wrote:
> During today's FLP meeting, another idea came up to address this issue
> from l10n team side that is to break the file in small chunks.
> Could you kindly assess the feasibility and the scope of this idea?
As some of you know, Publican works with multiple small po files rather
than the one big po file that you're seeing at the moment. In fact, to
build the documents, the docs team has to break up the po files that
translators are contributing so that we can feed the multiple small
files back into Publican.

On 29 April, Dimitris announced that Transifex 0.6 has support for
multiple po files in the same component and that Fedora's Transifex
instance will be updated to this version after Fedora 11 is out. You can
see a screenshot of this feature on the Transifex page here:
http://docs.transifex.org/releases/0.6.html (scroll down to "Multiple
files per language").

Hopefully, this means that the problem is already solved...


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