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Re: Frields's suggestion


Ruediger Landmann wrote:

> I've also seen a suggestion that the list of translators should be cut
> down to only show the translators who worked on one particular
> translation of the book. For example, the version of the book in, say,
> Latin would only credit the people who translated it into Latin and none
> of the other translators would get any credit at all in that version. I
> would hate to see that happen, for the same reason I've just given.
> Whether or not a translator has contributed to *your* particular
> language, that person has still made an extremely valuable contribution
> to the project, and should be acknowledged. That's what it means to be
> part of a community, right?

If the format of translators list would be Language +
TranslatorNames + Year then there is not much left to
translate, except the names of languages; which are already
translated somewhere else an could thus be automatically
I recall extensive lists of languages in desktop_l10n.po,
desktop_kdelibs.po, and probably in Gnome's gtranslator,
gspell and maybe elsewhere.

Maybe this is not possible for RTL languages.

Just my 2 centimes.

Sveinn í Felli

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