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Re: Self-Introduction: Arnes Arnautović

Arnes Arnautović さんは書きました:
My name is Arnes Arnautović and I live in Bosnia. I'm a student at Bihać University - IT engineering. I had close encounters with Linux before but it didn't end good. Three weeks ago, I installed Fedora and totally loved it. I think open-source software is very important and because of that I decided to try to help in any way I can, so here I am. I decided to try first with translations and later when I get enough experience to try programming and maybe some artwork. I'm currently learning C++, Java and in my spare time doing some PHP. But don't be fooled, I'm just a beginner. Year ago, I also had some runnings with Blender3D which is also free open-source software. Did some funny stuff - animations etc. I think my biggest flaw is that I'm interested in a lot of stuff and because of that I think I can't be super-good at any sole subject...or good at all. :) My suggestion to, not just l10n project, but whole project in general is to simplify the join procedure a bit. Mostly this - join there, send your informations here, signup there, etc. I think there a more people who would like to contribute in some way but get lost in this digital jungle.
Have you got a help from your team?
Just in case you have not yet, let us know which language you are looking at with your FAS username. So that your language team sponsor can approve your application.


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