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Re: Release-note is long and hard for translating

Dimitris Glezos writes:
> A small plugin-like application could be written on top of Transifex
> that takes a PO file and cuts it into chunks of a reasonable size,

Could be, but don't do that arbitrarily every N messages or so.  It is
valuable to have the context of a message when translating.  In a po
file like the release notes, the preceeding and following messages are
very much the context.

Later in this thread it has been discussed using smaller upstreams
files from Publican.  I guess these corresponds to the different xml
files mentioned in the po file.  I.e., one po file for Amateur Radio,
one for Arch Specific notes, and so on.  And these would surely make
good units for translation.

So in the particular case of release notes this may not become a
problem.  But I wanted to write this warning about not cutting things
up "randomly" in case the issue comes up in some other context.  After
all, there are other long po files too.

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