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Re: Self-Introduction: Arnes Arnautović

Arnes Arnautović さんは書きました:
Hi, Noriko Mizumoto
I'm hoping this e-mail will be on the right place as a reply on my introduction. If it doesn't, please excuse me I just got here and don't know what I'm doing. I want to translate to bosnian language, of course, being from Bosnia. The problem is, I just joined recently and I'm totally confused. Where is bosnian team, am I in it automatically and how do I get inside if I'm not? I tried on l10n wiki pages to find a team but they don't have no information on their "page" so I'm in dark here. I was able to get an e-mail from some guy who, it seems, translates things on bosnian but I sent him an e-mail, like some two days ago and still no reply. If that's bosnian team they're pretty unorganised. I'm currently translating Users Guide to bosnian language and I need to contact bosnian team to see are they doing the same thing or what?!? I just want to help out here to translate something and do my part. As for this mailing list, sorry to say this but, couldn't you make a simple php page with entering comments? Right now my subject is Re: Self-Introduction: Arnes Arnautović and I'm hoping here it'll come to the right place as a reply to my introduction. So here it goes...SEND
Yes, you are absolutely in right place :)

Your FAS username has been approved on 7-May, so that you should be able to submit your translation via Transifex.

For team page, thanks pointing this out. L10n-Admin team, please help.
It is supposed to be that most needs of translator should be served via Transifex as all-in-one place, from submitting files to finding team information and contact. However the team in Transifex [1] does not contain such team information [2]. I can see that the Bosnian team has been formed at old Team page [3], but actual team page is not accessible any more which used to provide team information such as contact information of team coordinator, team mailing list, etc.

For User Guide translation into Bosnian, as you have already started submitting, this is the place to submit [4]. For a while till the above issue to be solved, it is recommended to lock the file so that it shows who is working on visible to others.


Thank you!

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