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Fedora 11 Website Translations

Hi, sorry for being a bit late with this, but the Fedora 11 website is
now frozen for translations.  As usual, most of the changes will be
"Fedora 10" -> "Fedora 11" changes (sorry I couldn't find a way to
cleanly automatically update these - in the future, we'll be making the
version number a variable that will only need to be translated in one

Note that if your translation is complete and it is not currently
enabled (it is not listed in
), please email fedora-websites-list redhat com so that we can make sure
to add it to the necessary configs.

You can submit translations and see the current status at:

Thanks a lot,

(Sorry if you're seeing this email several times, it was suggested that
we CC all of the translation lists when sending these out)

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