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Re: Revert commit to system-config-printer (F10)

Sulyok Peti pisze:
I would suggest to check the "Language-Team: ..." line in the header of
the old and the new PO file, and give a warning asking for confirmation
when they are different.

I don't think it would work, because this field can be different in
every PO file in one language (I've seen this in many languages). For me
the only feature I miss from Tx 0.3.x is diff and confirmation after
clicking "submit". It prevented my from making mistakes many times
before, but past experience shows that it haven't prevented others from
submitting to wrong language. Submission logs was useful to track these
changes and fixing them when needed, but we have to figure out a way to
restrict people's submission ability only to their own language(s).
AFAIR it has been filled in Tx's upstream Trac instance, so further
discussion can be proceeded there.

2009. 05. 12, kedd keltezéssel 11.40-kor Dimitris Glezos ezt írta:
Seeing we had a couple of these, I wonder what the best way to address
it could be. The first step would be a confirmation screen with a
diff. Another would be a 'revert last commit' button. What would work
more for you guys?

'Revert commit' option would be a wonderful tool for Tx and projects
maintainers, but it wouldn't stop these mistakes, which have to be our goal.

Piotr Drąg

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