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Re: Revert commit to system-config-printer (F10)

Sulyok Peti pisze:
Checking headers would not be bulletproof. I also saw different
"Language-Team:" lines in my language too. However I think it would be a
pretty good check, because translators do not change the headers often.

It could be changed every edit, if two translators use different
configured tools (like Lokalize and Poedit).

So in most cases the uploaded PO header would match the one in the repo.
On the other hand when someone clicks at the wrong link (i.e. an other
language), it will probably be a mismatch. Not a 100% solution but
pretty good and simple in my opinion.

It looks like a hack. Transifex developers would not want to have
something like that in the long run I guess. The Right Way(tm) is access
control and translators groups (teams), which is planned in next releases.

The same check for the "Project-Id-Version:" could be done too.

I'm involved in translations for years, and I still have no idea what's
this line supposed to be used for. ;)

Piotr Drąg

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