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Re: comps change for Fedora 11: removal of specspo?

Dimitris Glezos (dimitris glezos com) said: 
> > 1) The translations in it have not been updated since October of 2007
> > 2) I was unable to ascertain a functional upstream for this package,
> > so there both are no updated translations that could be pulled, nor
> > a way to actually submit updated ones
> From what I see, translations have been submitted for this module for F9 & F10:
>  - http://cvs.fedoraproject.org/viewvc/specspo/dist/summary/?root=elvis&sortby=date#dirlist
>  - http://cvs.fedoraproject.org/viewvc/specspo/dist/desc/?root=elvis&sortby=date#dirlist

And then elvis left the building. (I'm not even sure where to try and
get those bits from now.)

> > If so, we can put this back and try and find the space elsewhere.
> I'd prefer this, to be honest. Any translations are better than no
> translations. To avoid submitting to this module, we can just disable
> it in Tx (it already is disabled, BTW).
> Let's make sure in the future this gets mentioned before the
> development freeze, if possible. AFAICT no translation work has been
> done for this release.

I'd agree that no work has been done, merely because it appears to be
impossible at the moment to do any.


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