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Re: Fedora selinux-user-guide translation

Sorry everybody, I missed an important step in my recipe the other day. Thanks, Geert for pointing out my mistake!

Ruediger Landmann wrote:
1. Check out a copy of the source.
A plain "git clone" will only give you the master branch of the document, which is not frozen for translation and does not contain any recent translations. For any of the subsequent instructions to work, you must be working in the "f11-tx" branch. So, the full checkout procedure would go something like:

git clone git://git.fedorahosted.org/docs/user-guide.git
git branch --track f11-tx origin/f11-tx
git checkout f11-tx

In English this means:
- Create the local git repository from the remote user-guide repository
- Set up a local branch named f11-tx to track the remote branch named f11-tx
- Switch local branches so that you're working in the local f11-tx repository

Someone with better git skills than me could probably reduce those commands down into a single line. :)

Sorry for any frustration that I may have caused to anyone by this omission

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