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Re: Fedora Websites Test Instance

On 2009-05-29 11:58:44 PM, Thomas Canniot wrote:
> OK then it seems there are problems in the f10 branch as we can find
> Fedora 11 related strings, like : 
> "Fedora 11: Reign." instead of the disappeared "Fedora 10: Fire it up."
I just checked, and the Fedora 10 string is still present in fr.po, line
802.  The F11 slogan was added earl on the f10 branch before we branched
off on purpose so that translators would get an longer chance to find an
appropriate translation for it.

> Moreover it has been 2 or 3 hours since the cron should have worked but
> it seems the fr.po is not being actualized. Thanks :)
My apologies, I was doing some other testing on that machine that
affected the network.  I'm just did a manual run of the sync script now,
let me know if the updates are still missing.


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