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Re: Marketing stuff (e.g. flyers) translation

Zoltan Hoppar さんは書きました:

I am one of the translators, but I am working also as Ambassador - and I have run into an small problem. For Ambassadors, we have some texts, flyers, and other materials (e.g. educational presentations) what needs to be translated. Currently we have an wiki, where most of these files are uploaded, but for us - these materials mostly available in one language: English. I would like to change this, and I need help to make it to reality - also I know this possible project needs some cooperation between several teams....Maybe this is not the correct channel to begin this.

I have thought through several times, and I say it can be a huge step ahead for ambassadors to win new contributors, when I could give the interested people some printed advertising in their language. Therefore I have thought on some empty prepared document templates at in the ambassadors wiki for each actual release, and an Transifex project category for these texts - available for all translating teams. If it is possible, then I would to like have these in such a format, that could be merged, edited to have at the end an perfect multipliable DTP stuff easily. Furthermore, I just hope, when this come truth - the ambassadors could have these printings for shows sometime.... and we could win a lot of contributors to every channel.

I would like to hear your thoughts too,
This is absolutely relevant channel to discuss :-)
And I give +100 to make this happen, great idea.
If this follows each release, you should contact John to include it into his release task schedule. So that translators will know when Ambassador's material is ready to translate and the deadline.

It would also nice if advertising can include corresponding team information as well.

#I actually asked the question to John if any translation request from Ambassador team at the beginning of F12. I am very happy to hear this movement.

Thanks, Zoltan!


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