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Needed pictures, and mail addresses, and some help


As you know guys, I have begun to build earlier an flyer/booklet/guide what could later used by ambassadors to reach or get more contributors.

What I have thought is to have:
- an team info,
- team coordinator name
- picture of leader/coordinator face
- mail address of translation team leaders/coordinators (as Noriko has adviced me), with a several line of introduction side by side on one page. Maybe it could be fit also some other contacts method too (IRC nickname, aso.)

I will do the same with the ambassadors, other groups, further teams too - but maybe this will result an huge book about teams - however, I think it will fit into one guide, but for an ambassadors booklet I must choose only the event area teams, but full of ambassadors list. I think if somebody wants to be a part of an team, the representative ambassador could tell the right channel and direction to the person to reach contact.

So if you've got some time for me, please return for me the above requested data, to fill up the pages.


PS: If anybody has ideas to share, don't keep it back.

PGP:  06853DF7

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