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Re: Chinese Release Notes errors

----- Original Message ----- From: "Tom Ka Chun Chiu" <tomchiukc gmail com> To: "John J. McDonough" <wb8rcr arrl net>; "Fedora Translation Project List" <fedora-trans-list redhat com>
Sent: Wednesday, November 18, 2009 8:26 AM
Subject: Re: Chinese Release Notes errors

That was possibly caused by some translators who did their translation
by computers.  Was there still present in any of the translations?

Right now I can't say for sure. The batch job I run every night started around 0700Z and at that time, there were still plenty of errors. However, I see rudi posted a zh-CN to docs.fp.o around an hour later. Whether he manually corrected the files before building that or they were good when he downloaded them I can't say, and it is now his nighttime, so I'll have to check with him in his morning.

The zh-CN version at http://fedora.is-sixsigma.com/F12beta/ I corrected to see whether there were other types of errors. Because I don't totally understand the interaction with Transifex, I'm not comfortable pushing my edits back to git.

I did notice in the version at docs.fp.o that there were some entire sections in English in spite of Transifex saying 100%. I notice that some other languages have those same sections untranslated. My first reaction was to blame that on Publican producing a bad pot, but then I found some other languages where those same sections are translated, which leads me to suspect that perhaps those po's were checked out when the new branch was made. I need to scratch my head a little to sort out how we can deal with that.


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