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Fedora 12 Installation Quick Start Guide --> Fedora 12 Installation Guide

Hi all --

Many of the strings in the Fedora Installation Quick Start Guide have been taken from the Fedora Installation Guide, mostly to ease the load on translators!

Therefore, if you've worked on the IQSG, you will be able to reuse your translations to get a head start on the full version of the IG. Over the weekend, Ankit Patel wrote the following procedure to show you how to do this:

1. Translate docs-install-quick-start-guide.f12-tx
2. Open docs-install-guide.f12-tx po in Kbabel (or Lokalize)
3. Click "Tools" =>  "Rough Translations"
4. "Options" pane =>  uncheck "Mark changed entries as fuzzy"
5. Click "Configure" for "Translation Database" in "Dictionaries" frame
6. "Database" =>  "Scan single PO file" (select
7. Click "Start"
That's it!

Many thanks, Ankit -- hopefully other translators will find this useful too.



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