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[Bug 189296] cscope buffer overflow (includes patch)

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Summary: cscope buffer overflow (includes patch)


nhorman redhat com changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
  Status Whiteboard| bzcl34nup                  |bzcl34nup
               Flag|                            |needinfo?(rwahl gmx de)

------- Additional Comments From nhorman redhat com  2008-04-04 09:50 EST -------
hold on a sec, something just occured to me.  We use fgets in the surrounding
while loop in this code.  fgets takes a size parameter, and only reads size-1
bytes to the target buffer.  This implies that the strcpy you are fixing should
never overflow.  We shouldn't need to fix this in the way we're discussing.  As
such I don't feel compfortable incorporating this change.  I know you can't
release your repository, but is it possible for you to fabricate a repository
that can reproduce this error, so that I can look at it more closely?


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