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[Bug 253557] Packaging mercurial extensions

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--- Comment #9 from Jonathan S. Shapiro <shap eros-os org>  2008-12-02 21:52:16 EDT ---
Okay. It's coming back to me. The situation was as follows:

1. At that time, the fedora package for HG was missing a bunch of stuff. I
wanted to package the missing bits, HOWEVER
2. I knew that several of those pieces were about to be merged upstream, SO
3. If I packaged them separately, it was important *not* to put them in hgext,
because if they got put there they would interfere with the later update of the
base HG package.

So to summarize, I think it would be useful if an hgext-like directory scheme
existed where upstream promised *not* to put things. I'll suggest it upstream
and see what the response is.

It also would have sufficed to have a systemwide hgext loaded, since that could
conceivably add load paths. This too was under discussion, but I got distracted
by other things.

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