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[Bug 456393] RFE: version of pgf in texlive is old

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--- Comment #1 from Joel Uckelman <uckelman nomic net>  2008-12-12 08:52:25 EDT ---
This is still a problem in Fedora 10. The version of PGF in
texlive-texmf-2007-26.fc10.noarch is 1.10.

There are many, many differences between PGF 1.10 and PGF 2.0. It's frequently
not possible to build documents which use PGF 2.0 with PGF 1.10, and it's
nontrivial to setup PGF oneself. PGF 1.10 was released in October 2006, and PGF
2.0 is itself nearly 10 months old.

I thought that the point of moving from TeTeX to TeXLive was so that Fedora
would have an actively-maintained TeX distribution. Including a two-year-old
package when there has been a newer and substantially different version for
nearly a year already does not square well with that.

Perhaps PGF needs to be its own package?

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