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[Bug 263241] NTLM library needed

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--- Comment #7 from Nathan Kinder <nkinder redhat com>  2008-12-12 14:24:20 EDT ---
The libntlm package works fine for NTLM authentication, but we do have a need
for some more basic MD4 operations.

For Fedora Directory Server, we want the ability to take MD4 hashed passwords
from Active Directory and pull them into our database when syncing accounts. 
This would allow AD users to use their AD password to authenticate to FDS.

In order for this to work, we need a compare function at a minimum.  We would
want to pass in the MD4 hash and a clear-text password and get a response
telling us the results of the comparison.

In addition, we would need a function to MD4 hash a clear password for true MD4
password storage in FDS, though we may be able to get away without doing this
if we only want to support MD4 when pulling passwords in from AD.  I'm not sure
if this would work properly given the current structure of a password storage
scheme plug-in in FDS.

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