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[Bug 219750] Hotplug script not working in gpsd package.

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--- Comment #31 from tialaramex <redhat tree tlrmx org>  2008-12-21 05:40:44 EDT ---
Maintainer: To try to fix a problem in a package you maintain, take suggested
patches from the other contributors to the Bugzilla comments and apply them to
the source package, then build it and upload the resulting packages to testing.
Users can then test the fixed packages and let you know if they work.

Although it would be lovely if just waiting a few months and posting "Can
anyone confirm whether this is still an issue?" fixed bugs, unfortunately it
doesn't. In fact it's worse than useless since it just fills the bug report
with noise. If you haven't heard otherwise the bug still exists. Make sure that
each "can anyone...?" message offer users something new to try out which might
fix their problem, otherwise they have no incentive to do anything.

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