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[Bug 219750] Hotplug script not working in gpsd package.

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--- Comment #36 from Douglas E. Warner <silfreed silfreed net>  2009-04-09 21:24:59 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #35)
> There is no gpsd 2.39 in the signed updates, so I looked on koji, is that what
> you intended Douglas ?
> The package from koji, gpsd-2.39-3.fc9.i386 is broken. The gpsd binary is
> installed as /usr/sbin/gpsd, but the init.d script looks for it in
> /usr/bin/gpsd and of course this can't work.
> I don't know if other problems are fixed, the lack of working init script seems
> like a showstopper.  

gpsd 2.39 will most likely not make it into F9 or F10 as it has a soname bump
which breaks compatibility with other apps.

I'll have to take a look at the packaged location of gpsd; sbin doesn't seem
like the proper place if it's able to be run out of udev now.

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