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[Bug 431355] oowriter .odt - Nimbus Roman No9 L linespacing seems to be changed

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--- Comment #7 from Marcelo <mmtsales gmail com>  2009-02-05 16:01:58 EDT ---
I have a similar problem. In F10, after the last openoffice update to version
3.0.1-15.2, my ooocalc spreadsheets are taking more horizontal space than
before. It seems the horizontal spacing has changed. I can be mistaken, but I
think only the numbers are more spaced, I can't see any difference in the space
between letters. But I'm sure something has changed, because I have some
spreadsheets which were exactly as wide as my screen and now they don't fit
anymore. The font used is Arial.
I can see no noticeable difference in ooowriter documents.

Does this make sense? Is this possibly related to the bug reported by the OP?

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