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[Bug 230181] anaconda identifies multiple drives as a multipath

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--- Comment #11 from randygalbraith <randy galbraith cox net>  2009-02-10 21:15:53 EDT ---
FWIW: The comments in this bug regarding the "nompath" option (thank you!)
helped me work around this very issue with my Fedora 10 install yesterday
(February 9, 2009).  Until I ran the install with the nompath option I could
not get Fedora to see my two 320gb SATA Maxstor drives.  I tried various BIOS
settings and the nodmraid option which did not work.  I even dd if=/dev/zero
of=/dev/sd[ab] when someone suggested "meta data" on the drives may be leading
Fedora install program to only suggest /dev/mapper option.
  -Randy Galbraith

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