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[Bug 241649] [smolt] smolt-firstboot denaturates its own statistics about default runlevel

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--- Comment #16 from Răzvan Sandu <razvan sandu mobexpert ro>  2009-06-10 02:20:10 EDT ---

My two cents:   ;-)

The question would be if is there a way to make smolt behave *differently* when
it is run by firstboot, as oposed to "normal" behaviour (when it is run by hand
or by nightly cron).

If such a possibility exists, then please exclude the following data when smolt
is run by firstboot (as suggested in comment #7):

- default runlevel
- kernel version
- system default language

The idea is that a guy installing Fedora in graphical mode will see and allow
smolt to run by cron, collecting a minimal set of data at first run.

Immediately after installation, if he chooses to switch to default runlevel 3,
to personalise the system default language or to upgrade the kernel, these
changes will only be reported in subsequent runs of smolt (*after* they are
crafted by hand, not with the initial default values).

This way we will get a more balanced idea of what systems really are like.


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