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[Bug 168038] isoinfo doesn't support UTF-8

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--- Comment #8 from Egmont Koblinger <egmont gmail com>  2009-06-10 05:14:40 EDT ---
Sigh... Great to see that none of the Red Hat folks bothered to do anything
with this bugzilla entry in the last 45 months (3.75 years)... Not even a
single "verified" or "tried but could not reproduce" or "checked: already fixed
in mainline" or "will look at it next month". Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
(Unless Ms. Bug Zapper turns out to be a human.) I swear, it's getting even
worse than Debian. Nevermind...

(Jörg: just in case of doubt: this comment was not addressed to you. Thanks for
the mainstream solution.)

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