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[Bug 304611] resolv.conf hardwired in /sbin/dhclient-script and network-functions

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--- Comment #10 from Thomas Schweikle <tps vr-web de>  2009-06-11 17:07:43 EDT ---
Could be quite common if you are using virtualisation technologies like VMware,
Virtual Box or Qemu. Your local host assigns via DHCP local addresses to your
virtual machines. Quite a bit a buggy way to assign static addresses to all VMs
you create on the fly.

Would be nice to have some way to configure a local DNS to resolve these local
VMs to have them accessible via your host only network with names, not numbers!

At the moment configuring this is for freaks and cracks really knowing what
they are doing. But not for the average user. Since Linux likes to go for the
average user and the changes involved are easy to make --- why not??

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