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[Bug 136141] syntax errors in syslogd.conf cause lost log messages without warning

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--- Comment #29 from Rainer Gerhards <rgerhards hq adiscon com>  2009-06-14 12:14:59 EDT ---
That's at the core of my question: what is "everything possible" - and how to
configure what it should do? And should it do this always, or needs it be

And in regard to comment 27: rsyslog does not discard selectors silently. First
of all, it logs them, so whatever action you have configured (provided you did
it right), you will see them on. That was the primary method of configuring
things so that an admin gets the notifications it wants.

Also, messages are intended to be printed on stderr, but there was a bug which
caused them to be not printed if rsyslogd was backgrounded. Based on the
feedback, I am now tempted to change it that way that even then messages are
printed. However, to do so I would like to hear how these stderr messages be
retrieved. It does not make sense to include a facility to output to stderr if
nobody will ever see stderr. So far, there was no convincing argument that it
would help. Please note that I am overlooking something trivial, but if so,
please educate me...

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