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[Bug 136141] syntax errors in syslogd.conf cause lost log messages without warning

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--- Comment #31 from Rainer Gerhards <rgerhards hq adiscon com>  2009-06-15 02:04:04 EDT ---
> It does _not_ log them. At least not in the example I offer in this ticket.
> Yes, it's bad luck that an entire rule gets disabled, see comment 14, please.

You almost seem to intentionally misunderstand me. Look at the code, or do a

*.* /path/to/file

in your rsyslog.conf and you will see that rsyslog *does* log these messages.
But no point in further arguing this...

I made a test with stderr. I changed rsyslogd so that it keeps fd 2 open after
a fork. Then I did 

/sbin/service rsyslog start

Nothing showed up on the terminal. Just to make sure, I added an

fprintf(stderr, "rsyslogd start\n");

right as the first line of main(). Again, I did a

/sbin/service rsyslog start

And again, nothing showed up at the controlling terminal. My conclusion is that
/sbin/service does suppress the daemon's stderr. Am I wrong here? What kind of
magic do I need to do to make stderr appear?

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