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[Bug 187485] Doesn't seem to renew TGT after it has expired

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Colin Simpson <csimpson csl co uk> changed:

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--- Comment #18 from Colin Simpson <csimpson csl co uk>  2009-06-16 05:26:02 EDT ---
The krb5-auth-dialog-0.10-1.fc11 does seem to work more cleanly. Even though if
you bring the password dialog and leave it there it still just gets a ticket
from when the dialog was brought up, this is massively mitigated by it grabbing
the keyboard so the user has to pretty much complete this operation (I guess
your intention with this implementation). So should fix the original problem,
great stuff! 

One minor wrinkle I noticed was if you leave the password dialog up, it seems
to prevent the screen saver running (gnome-screensaver). I presume as it's
grabbed the keyboard, there may not be a good way around that. (still don't
know why gnome-screen saver's password dialog doesn't renew the TGT, given that
you are giving it a password that is check in Kerberos)

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