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[Bug 187485] Doesn't seem to renew TGT after it has expired

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--- Comment #28 from Bojan Smojver <bojan rexursive com>  2009-06-24 19:37:19 EDT ---
Another interesting test with pam_krb5. It provides a little test program
called harness in the src directory, which exercises pam_krb5 machinery. When
this program is run like this:

src/harness --auth --setcred-reinitialize

It will actually reissue the ticket if KRB5CCNAME is set to the correct
credentials cache file (usuallly /tmp/krb5cc_`id -u`). If that environment
variable is not set, nothing happens to the ticket.

I have no idea why gnome-screensaver has no luck doing that when KRB5CCNAME is
set, given it's essentially using the same PAM API calls. Weird...

BTW, this should work even when KRB5CCNAME is _not_ set in pam_krb5: default
ticket should be reinitialised by default. I'll try to contact pam_krb5
developer to see if it can be changed.

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