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[Bug 220962] laptop hibernates when secondary battery runs out; primary battery still full

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--- Comment #10 from sproulster yahoo com  2009-06-26 13:49:04 EDT ---
I get this same problem on my HP Compaq 6710b laptop, although there seem to be
some differences.
My internal battery drains first, then it goes to standby mode and switches
batteries. I have to manually resume in order to continue on the external

I get this on the X_64 flavor of Fedora 9, 10 and 11. I think that I might have
seen it on Fedora 8 and on one or two of the 32 bit (x86) versions of the same

It seems that the power managment application is letting the primary battery
get too low before trying to switch over to the secondary battery.

The primary battery always gets all the way to 0.0%

I suspect that is has to do with the battery state checking routines looking at
the total battery strength instead of the current battery strength when trying
to determine if its time to switch batteries.

If you switch the strategy for battery management you may actually get better
performance while avoiding this issue. I suggest identifying an arbitrary value
such as 10% as a trigger point for switching batteries. In other words, if
battery A is currently active and the charge level falls below the charge level
of battery B by 10% of the maximum charge, then make battery B the active

Once either battery gets to 10% strength (or perhaps even 20%), you would have
to switch to smaller and smaller arbitrary values until you approach a number
slightly smaller than 1/2 of the critical battery strength level in the system
settings. This would leave each battery enough juice to suspend or hibernate
the system.

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