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[Bug 136141] syntax errors in syslogd.conf cause lost log messages without warning

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--- Comment #36 from Rainer Gerhards <rgerhards hq adiscon com>  2009-06-29 06:22:56 EDT ---
We have some issue with the new code:


I knew I should have put this through the beta phase first (it always hits me
if I try to shortcut changes...).

I will now see that I change it so that stderr is closed after the initial
initialization. I think this is a good compromise. With that mode, the
interactive user will be able to view the error messages, but stderr and stdout
will be closed thereafter.

BTW: this case once more reminds me that *all* changes except *real* bug fixes
belong into the master branch only. I'll see if there is an easy fix, else I
remove that functionality from 4.2.0 and introduce it to 4.5.0 again.

I hope this also addresses Toma's concerns. With the current code base, I can
not trivially collect the messages and issue a single warning. On the other
hand, a number one problem is that users typically don't look at the startup
error messages, even if they are recorded (and they are recorded in default
config!). So I think it definitely is a big plus if we can emit them right to
where these folks work. If it is ugly, then the config is really ugly and so
they deserve an ugly display - hopefully that makes them fix the config ;)

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