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[Bug 183338] adding a domain to search: lost by dhcp when network restarts

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--- Comment #10 from David Cantrell <dcantrell redhat com>  2009-06-30 16:43:20 EDT ---
dhclient-script will honor a SEARCH variable in your ifcfg-DEVICE file and use
that for the search line in resolv.conf.  Additionally, dhclient-script saves
your previous resolv.conf and restores it when dhclient is shut down for the
interface.  Some questions I have:

1) Are you using NetworkManager or the network service?

2) If using the network service, can you make sure your resolv.conf has the
settings you want and you have the necessary SEARCH line in your ifcfg-DEVICE
file, then 'ifup' the device.  Attach a copy of the new /etc/resolv.conf as
well as the saved resolv.conf file from /var/lib/dhclient.

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