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[fedora-virt] arch setting with koan

I already posted about this in the cobbler list and they sent me over here.  It seems that whenever I try to install a new virtual machine(kvm) with koan, and the ram for the machine is 4 gigs or higher the machine fails to install.  The domain and hard drive image are created, but they won't start up to do the install. 
My guess was that the arch was being set to i686 in the libvirt xml file, and that that was causing issues, but the vms with 2 gigs of ram and arch="i686" in the libvirt config install just fine with a 64 bit version of Fedora.
I then decided to track down where the arch assignment was being made in the code, koan uses the default arch supplied by virtinst.FullVirtGuest.  In that code the 2 lines that detect the host arch are commented out, I uncommented them, and tried again.  The arch in the libvirt xml files became x86_64, but they still failled to install for vms with 4 gigs of ram!

So I am stumpted!  Anyone have any suggestions?

Host machine:
Fedora 10 64 bit, 8 3Ghz core, 32 Gigs of ram 1TB hdd

-Tom Hatch

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