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[fedora-virt] Fedora virtualization wiki pages

	I've just spent a few hours trying to clean up the wiki pages. What
we're basically left with is:

  1) The landing page for virt stuff:


     The original page was way out of date, so I hacked it to pieces 
     and added a list of packages, mailing list and irc info etc.

  2) A bug reporting page:


     This is just a first cut, plenty of info missing I'm sure

  3) The QuickStart page:


     I haven't touched this apart from moving it under 
     Tools/Virtualization (yes, I added a redirect).

     This needs some majory surgery IMHO to bring it up to date and 
     provide a nice and simple "getting started with Fedora
     virtualization" page.

     Lots of the more difficult content could be moved to "virt tips" 
     pages, probably.

  4) The Category:Virtualization page:


     I removed some of the really old cruft pages from the category and 
     added the feature pages.

	None of this is in any way perfect, so please do feel free to jump in
and improve them ...


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