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[fedora-virt] Virt USB issues (doesn't work without customizing)

Lot's of blog material out there. Trying to get ext. USB disk to map in Windows virt image. Here is where I am.

1) I found a link to someone who did get external USB disks working with FE.11 Virt the issues that prevent this from working by just adding the hardware through the virt manager are:
a) need selinux-policy-target-3.6.12-62.fcc11.noarch or later
b) selinux blocks access to this device and must be customized.

2) OK, this should take that long.  (or should it?)
a) went to add/remove software through Gnome and did not find any pending updates for selinux. b) after searching for another hour found how to command line Yum for selinux updates. Here's what I got.

[root BRSINC-VC01 qemu]# rpm -qa | grep selinux
[root BRSINC-VC01 qemu]# yum -y upgrade selinux-policy-targeted
Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit
rpmfusion-nonfree-updates                                | 3.8 kB     00:00
updates/metalink                                         |  23 kB     00:01
Setting up Upgrade Process
No Packages marked for Update

Based on this I would assume there are no updates even though others claim there are. Where is 62 and why does it not show up in the Gnome software update tool?

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