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[fedora-virt] Win slave disk not booting

I create a second bootable disk on my Win guest.  I then copy my existing boot disk to the new disk with a Win track for track copy program.  I when remove the existing boot disk and attempt to boot the Win vm with the new bootable disk the boot program returns an error that it can't find boot information.

Essentially I am using the same technique with software disks that I do when replacing physical hard drives.  Install the new disk in an external USB enclosure and perform the track for track copy then install the new disk as the boot disk.  Works everytime.  Why won't this work in a virtual guest?  I am doing this to reduce the size of my disk space.  There's most likely a virt command line utility but the GUI program should work too.

The only thing different I notice is that the second disk is being configured as a bootable slave.

Updated several bugs with new findings.


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