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Re: [fedora-virt] Problem installing KVM gueast on LMV

M A Young wrote:
On Mon, 1 Jun 2009, Leonid Flaks wrote:

All goes well to the point when anaconda is trying to do partitioning. At this moment I see error on the screen - "Error allocating requested partitions. Partitioning failed. Could not allocate partitions as primary partitions. Not enough space left to create partition /boot. Press OK to exit the installer."

kickstart has the following partitions information:

part /boot --asprimary --fstype="ext3" --size=100
part / --fstype="ext3" --size=2000
part swap --fstype="swap" --size=500
part /var/log --fstype="ext3" --size=250
part /usr --fstype="ext3" --size=1 --grow

/dev/vg-virt/LV1 is 9G - should be plenty of space.

Is it empty? Do you have a line like
clearpart --linux
in your kickstart file? This might be a kickstart problem, not a virtualization one.

    Michael Young
It was empty, but I never had this 'clearpart --linux' line in kickstart.
I just added it and it seems to do the trick!

Interestingly enough I did not use it before for kickstarting fedora 10 xen guest on fedora 8 xen host.

Thanks for help!

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