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[fedora-virt] handling guest-service dependencies at boot time elegantly?

Hi, all,

Before I start hacking up my own poor solution, I'd like to run this by the list and see if there's a good way to handle this.

I have a host (5.3 Xen Dom0) that has three guests:

 Fedora 10
 Fedora 11
 Nexenta 2

The Nexenta (opensolaris) guest's job is to provide storage services to the Fedora DomU's, via iSCSI and NFS (ZFS storage).

My goal is to automate system startup.

My dependency tree looks like:

  Dom0 -> nexenta-DomU -> 'service iscsi'@Dom0 -> fedora-DomU's

Currently I have xendomains and iscsi set to 'chkconfig off' and the fedora DomU's set for 'auto', and do:

 xm create nexenta
 [watch xentop to see when it's running]
 service iscsi start
 service xendomains start

Which works find and requires me to do it. I can write some scripts to do the same thing, but if there was a more general-purpose way to express these kinds of boot-time dependencies, I'd rather do it right.

I was thinking perhaps upstart could be co-opted for this purpose, if I can make it not cobbler init (it would have to run alongside on 5.3). Are there any libvirt event hooks into upstart?


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