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Re: [fedora-virt] [ANNOUNCE] New release virt-manager 0.7.0


  after rebuild for F10 works well, just root password is not required when
started. I think this is a feature and I am happy, that I don't need always
click to run without privileges, but there is one problem.

  Starting an domain starts my serial console owned by root and is not
accesssible from virt-manager (virt-viewer). After changing ownership it's
immediatelly available. Is it possible to change this in time of virtual
machine creation? (in libvirt or where?)

  Another feature enhacement can be adding "Serial 0" tab automatically,
when there is no Console available for guest. Message "Console not
configured for guest" can be sometimes misinterpretated, because I can have
serial console for my guest. I prefer to use serial consoles, because they
do not need to install graphical environment on host. They have multiple
advantages, like access from another machine using serial or ipmi console,
viewing crash status, when host crashes, ...

  And last possible enhancement: when pressing F10 key in guest's serial
console, is it possible to avoid opening of "File menu" and send this key to
serial 0, as it is done in VGA console?

  Thank you.


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