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[fedora-virt] Distributing Fedora 11 Created Virtual Machines

I have a virtual machine created on Fedora 11 which runs Ubuntu 9.04. I have some more customizations to do with the machine, such as getting it to speak to (FTDI 232R-based) USB devices. When that is done, I would like to copy the virtual machine to a USB flash drive and postal mail that to a teacher. The scenario I'm envisioning is that the teacher can then import the virtual machine and play it on his or her computer -- whatever that computer is, perhaps a Windows machine running VirtualBox or VMWare. Not necessarily a machine running Fedora 11, you see. Now we have my first question: can she run my virtual machine on another virtual machine manager, which is not necessarily a Fedora product?

To go on with the story I'd like the teacher to add her customizations to the Ubuntu virtual machine, then she in turn will deploy that to students. They would copy the virtual machine to their computers (whatever those are) and play them on those computers. These will probably be whatever computers the school has an d/or whatever computers the student can afford to pay for. Could this work as well?

Suppose the answer is no they cannot play a Fedora 11-created virtual machine on their own virtualization software. Is it possible to take the virtual machine file and clone (part of?) it to a hard drive such that Ubuntu can be booted from the hard drive?

I'm having a wonderful time in the sandbox, playing with my Ubuntu guest.

Bob Cochran

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